Object storage S3
A feature-rich web service aimed at saving and sharing any volume of information whenever required. Successfully tested for compatibility with Amazon Web Services S3 API.
0.03 CHF / GB month
Networking OUT
0.02 CHF / GB month
Networking IN
API operations
Better alternative

The S3 cloud storage service is perfect for both businesses and individuals. Thanks to its extensive functionality, it is extremely easy and secure to not only store data and files but also use and transfer information with it. Compatibility with online apps and numerous devices running on various OSs allows working with data stored whenever necessary, maintaining security at all times.

Customers can store an almost limitless amount of data on S3, be it personal or business information. The necessary data can be retrieved safely and at a low cost. It allows for inexpensive and reliable storage and retrieval of diverse data, regardless of the volume needed.

Limitless data storage.
S3 Storage is an effective and reliable data bank without capacity limits.
Web data
Website content
Videos and graphics
Big data storage
High performance of S3-Storage cloud
Use of various devices to access data stored (computers, tablets, phones, etc.). Any browser and tool, no matter the OS used, will suit for working with the S3-compatible storage.
Easy access and broad support
It is possible to pass data of any kind through the S3 API with the use of clients and libraries available.
Safety and confidence
All users of S3 cloud storage are provided with the highest level of safety and preservation of data due to proper encryption during transmission. Control list settings guarantee and control safe access to the storage contents.
One file can be stored in numerous versions in diverse cloud containers, and the necessary version can be easily retrieved.
Control and maintenance
Important information is reliably kept in the secure storage that avails round-the-clock possibility to safely access 99.99% of all data.
No extra costs
The more you use – the more you pay and vice versa. No extra charges for nothing.
Extensive experience in cloud engineering
When users conduct essential operations, the service performs resource optimization thanks to an effective blend of functionality, capabilities, and prices.
Top-notch services
Users get access to high-end technologies and computing power that allows storing, examining, and dealing with large data volumes.