Get your dedicated IP
Enjoy a secure VPN service with a dedicated Swiss IP address that works just for you.
Let's compare them
Persons who can share IP with you:
Possible to block the service:
Your social networks security threats:

Dedicated VPN

Persons who can share IP with you:
No one
Possible to block the service:
Your social networks security threats:
No risks
Shared VPN
Persons who can share IP with you:
Unlimited Unknown persons
Possible to block the service:
Risks rises for popular services
Your social networks security threats:
Risks to compromise your account
Steps to Earn Your Dedicated VPN
You don't need any special skills. Our specialist have prepared a complete VPN solution for you.
Order dedicated VPN
Download configuration file and client application
Enjoy secure and censor-free internet connection
What are you will pay for?
Most of people do not understand why they must to pay more money for the dedicated VPN and what the difference between it and free or cheap VPN solutions.
Advantages of business VPN
Security - a guarantee of a clean individual IP address
No statistics and logs (no data collection)
Personal individual server
Full control over the server*
Cons of public VPN
High probability of blocking a public service
Sale of personal data of users
Shared server and shared IP address
No guarantees
Time-tested reliability
Our dedicated VPN solution is perfectly fitted to the widely known OpenVPN software. This software can be run on a wide range of devices and is stable and reliable.
Why you need VPN
Reliable protection
The transmitted information is available only if the encryption key is present.
Geolocation masking
The location data is not from the device, but from the VPN server. It may be in another country, and it becomes impossible to determine the location. In addition, the service may not even keep a log of user actions. Accordingly, no one will get access to the history of his actions, because it simply does not exist.
Bypass regional restrictions
Some countries and regions have restrictions on access to certain resources or content. When you work through a VPN connection, these restrictions will not apply to you.
Secure data transfer
When working remotely, you may need access to sensitive corporate data. To reduce the likelihood of their leakage, use a connection with data encryption.